Ahab’s Return, by Jeffrey Ford

(Originally published in The Very Slow Book Reviewer, September 5th, 2018) In his book The Postmodern Condition, the French philosopher Jean-François Lyotard wrote that Postmodernity, among other things, meant the end of the grand narratives, or metanarratives. In his words, “Simplifying to the extreme, I define postmodern as incredulity towards metanarratives”. It was indeed a gross … Continue lendo Ahab’s Return, by Jeffrey Ford

Time Was, by Ian McDonald

(Originally published in The Very Slow Book Reviewer, September 12th, 2018) The novella format is my new favorite. I grew up reading novels, big novels: more science fiction than fantasy, even though the latter is well-known for its doorstoppers. A few remarkable ones include Eon, Neverness, Dune, The Boat of a Million Years, Hyperion, Stranger in a … Continue lendo Time Was, by Ian McDonald

Gnomon, by Nick Harkaway

(originally published in The Very Slow Book Reviewer, August 8th, 2018) One of the hardest things to a reviewer these days is how to pen a good review without giving any spoilers. I won’t delve properly into this now (filing under Food for Thought to a later date, though), but let’s agree that you can’t … Continue lendo Gnomon, by Nick Harkaway

Algazarra, by Santiago Santos

(originally published in The Very Slow Book Reviewer, September 18th, 2018) I’ve been writing reviews in English for a decade now. And, though I’ve written on occasion about Brazilian science fiction (most notably the Steampunk movement in Brazil, which is still going strong as I write this), I don’t think I’ve ever wrote a review … Continue lendo Algazarra, by Santiago Santos

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